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Murdock Family History

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Margaret McCullough was born in Belfast Ireland around 1786, she married John Murdock. The couple had three young daughters before migrating to the United States, sometime between 1824 and 1833. The girls names were Agnes, Margaret and Mary. The family originally settled in New York where George was born May 20, 1833.

Burial certificates for Agnes and Mary state they were born in Ireland. This contradicts census records stating the older girls were born in New York. We tend to believe the Burial Certificates over the census records, but when researching the family the contradiction is something to be aware of.

We find Margaret (McCullough) Murdock enumerated in the 1850 census, as a widow living in Providence Rhode Island, with her daughters Agnes, Mary, Eliza and Margaret and her son George. Also in the home is a young boy 6 years of age named Thomas. He's ten years younger then the youngest daughter Margaret, so he may be one of the older children's son. 

The family moved on to Cincinnati Ohio sometime after 1850. In the 1860 census, the widow Margaret Murdock is living with her son George and daughter Agnes. Mary appears to have married a Mr. Mason and been widowed. She lives in the same building as her mother and has a two year old son named William H. Mason. We have no information after the 1850 census about Margaret's daughters, Eliza and Margaret or the young boy Thomas.

On October 21, 1861 George enlisted as a Corporal in the 4th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Co. "C". He was captured by John Hunt Morgan at Lexington Kentucky October 18, 1862. Morgan's Raiders were a quick moving raiding force of the Confederacy and wasn't much interested in holding prisoners so George was quickly paroled and able to rejoin the 4th Cavalry and served faithfully until his discharge October 20, 1864.

After the war George became a machinist in Cincinnati. He met the widow Hester Ann Stearns of 6 Mile, Indiana, married her and may have adopted some of her three children.  Together Hester and George had at least nine children, six girls, one son and a still born. The first four children were Margaret "Maggy" Isabella, Ella Y. "Nellie",  Mary Emma and Julia Etta. The next five children all died in infancy George A, Ruth Inez, Martha Elizabeth, Mary Jane, and the still born. 

George Sr. died March 29, 1885, at the age of 52. The cause of death is listed as softening of the brain on his death certificate. Hester would out live her second husband by 45 years.

    George & Hester Ann (Eastman) Murdock's Children

Maggy was born January 12, 1867 she married Clifton Buck, he was a pipe fitter in Chicago. On August 19, 1909, while running  gas lines in the Palmer House, Cliff became one of the spirits that haunt the famous restaurant when he fell from a ladder and cracked his skull open.

It took a long time for Margaret to get over the loss of her husband. Later she married her departed husbands best friend Charles "Chuck" Golding. The couple lived happily together until Chuck's death from heart decease March 7, 1945. On December 19, 1949, Margaret moved on to a better place after suffering stroke.

Nellie married George Kerl, their four children were George, Margaret Emma, Frank and Annetta. After the death of her husband Nellie and the children lived in Chicago with her sisters Maggy and Etta. Etta's close friend Jeanie Pearson is also living with the family.

By 1920 Nellie's daughter Emma married Frederick Grossmeyer. For a while Nellie and Fredericks father Andrew shared a home with the couple in Canton, Ohio. By 1930 Nellie moved back to Chicago and took up residence with her mother Hester sister Etta and Etta's friend Jeanie Pearson.

Mary Emma Murdock was born February 23, 1872. She married William Battcher, they had seven children together. After William died she married Ralph Hubler, a much younger man and the brother of one of Mary's daughter in-laws. The story of Mary and William Battcher's life together can be found in the Battcher Family History.

Hester Ann (Eastman) Stearns / Murdock died at the age of 88. At the time of her death she was living with her daughter Etta and her friend Jean at 5320 Ohio St. in Chicago. Hester was laid to rest next to her husband George in the Murdock Family plot, which is located in section14, lot 131 of the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati Ohio.

Continued in the Battcher Family History



Much of the information from this history comes from Uncle Will Hastie's interview of Hester Ann (Eastman) Stearns/Murdock and internment certificates from the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati Ohio. Also notes from Margaret Battcher and Hester (Battcher) Coyne.

Also of interest is the date and cause of Death for George Murdock's Father John.

There's another large Murdock Family Plot in Spring Grove Cemetery created about the same time as George's, it's owned by a James Murdock. But there is no evidence the two families are related and there isn't a John Murdock buried there in a timeline that would identify him as George's father.

As we have stated the research continues and you are encouraged to add your facts, speculations or questions coleman@colemancoyne.com 

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