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Kearney Family History

By: Matthew Bivins Rogers



Hester was a hardy woman; while her husband Philander was away at war she continued to maintain the farm. She planted and harvested the wheat and corn, would load it into a wagon and take it to the mill to be ground. On one such trip to the mill a neighbor she didn't particularly care for imposed on her for a ride into town. On the way, the neighbor tried to get fresh with her. So when they came upon a creek, Hester picked the man up and heaved him in. She never had any trouble with him again. 

The above anecdote was passed down through the family and is recorded in the Charles Hastie Letter. It serves as an example of the strength in the Kearney bloodline. Indeed the Kearney's are a robust breed. If you set the pictures of Julia (O'Neil), Hester Ann (Eastman) and their Uncle, John Michael Kearney side by side you may notice some common characteristics. 

The Kearney's are known to be tall with sturdy frames well suited for Blacksmithing as John Michael and Edward T. Kearney proved. If you were allowed only one word to describe the traits passed down through the family bloodline, physically and philosophically, "powerful" would be an excellent choice. 

The origins of this family are sketchy, much of the information we have was passed down from Hester Ann (Eastman), correspondence with other descendents and studying census records.


Open the Family Chart as you read along

Michael Fenton and Catherine (Curran) Kearny

Michael Fenton and Catherine (Curran) Kearney lived in Queens County, Ireland, where they had one daughter named Ann Marie, born sometime between 1809 and 1812. 

Shortly after Ann was born her father left Ireland for America stopping in Canada and later settling in Attica, New York where he was a tailor by trade. Speculation why he would leave his family behind and travel to the Americas may bring us to consider the political climate of the time. Obviously Great Britain and the United States were at war in a conflict known as the War of 1812 and we suppose it's possible Michael could have somehow been involved.

However Michael's departure for America was also a short time after the Irish Rebellion of 1803, led by the United Ireland leader Robert Emmet. Though the rebellion failed and resulted in Emmet being hung, drawn and quartered, the matter of British rule over the Emerald Isle was still an issue of contention in the Country. One of the tools used by the Crown to eliminate undesirable elements was to give them a choice between imprisonment or immigration to the United States. Though there's no evidence at this time, it's possible Michael Fenton Kearney was one of those undesirable elements.

Among the accounts of Robert Emmet's life is his tragic romance with the daughter of Irish orator John Philpot Curran. Some believe Robert could've eluded capture had it not been for his strong desire to remain near his beloved Sarah Curran. During Emmet's imprisonment one of his love letters to Sarah was intercepted and before his execution more letters from Sarah were discovered. These discoveries caused much scandal for the Curran family.

Whether Sarah Curran and Catherine (Curran) Kearney were related, we can't say. We know John Philpot Curran had nine children, only three we've been able to Identify; Amelia  was a successful artist, Richard attended Trinity College with Robert Emmet and Sarah, the great love of Robert Emmet. Catherine was born around 1786. We don't know exactly where she was born, but we believe Catherine and Michael lived in Queens County near Cork before Michael Fenton Kearney left Ireland for America.

In the years following Michael's departure, Catherine and his daughter Ann moved to Dublin, where according to one descendent, Ann may have become a Nunn for a short period and worked in an Insane Asylum. 

Ann and her Mother left Ireland around 1824 and came to the United States by way of Canada. According to Ann's obituary she arrived in America when she was 15. Upon reuniting, Michael Fenton and Catherine (Curran) Kearney had three more children; Edward T, John Michael and Catherine Serina. 

It appears Michael died sometime before 1840. In the census of that year we found Catherine enumerated as Catherine "Curney" with three children who correspond in age with John Michael, Edward T. and Catherine Serina.

Catherine (Curran) Kearney died in 1860 and is buried at Trinity Cemetery in Erie Pennsylvania which is where her daughter Catherine Serina lived at the time.

Anna Marie (Kearney) O'Neil/Eastman/Rich/Warner 

(Family Chart)

When she arrived in America Ann married Cornelius O'Neil, who was much older then Ann. Cornelius and Ann likely had two children. One daughter born between  1825 and 1830 and Julia born in 1837. Ann married Oren Andrew Eastman the son of Matthew and Sally (Eastman) Eastman around 1837 and the couple had three more children while living in New York: Martha, Matthew Warren and Hester Ann who was born in 1842.

The above information came to us after studying the 1840 census enumeration for Orren and Ann in Java Township of Genesee County, New York. We discovered four children living in the home. One son and one daughter between the age of one and five, we know are Matthew Warren and Martha, one daughter between the age of five and ten we believe is Julia and another daughter between the age of 10 and 15. We have no knowledge of this older daughter, we don't know her name and judging by her age, it's likely she is the child of Ann's first husband Cornelius O'Neil. According to Ann's obituary she gave birth to six children in her lifetime. The existence of this unknown daughter corresponds with Ann's obituary and the timeline of when she arrived in America. Because of Julia's age in the 1840 census, there could be some question as to her parentage and whether she's the daughter of Orren or Cornelius. However, when she married James Steward on October 18, 1855, in Jennings County, Indiana her maiden name is given as O'Neil. Because Julia was born in 1837, and her sister Martha in 1838 we assume Cornelius O'Neil died before Julia's birth and Anna married Orren shortly after Julia was born.

In the fall of 1844, the family migrated to Indiana. Ann, Orren and their four children Julia, Martha, Matthew and Hester, traveled by boat as they journeyed to their new home. An earlier history of the family suggests they traveled the Erie Canal. A more logical route would have taken them down the Allegany River to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania onto the Ohio, to arrive in Madison, Indiana. They settled in an area about twenty five miles Northwest of Madison at a place known as 6 Mile, Indiana. 6 Mile doesn't exist today but if you were to look for it on a map, it's now known as Hayden and can be found on State Route 50 twelve miles west of North Vernon.

In 6 Mile Orren built a log home for the family with the help of Orren's Uncle Solomon Rowley Eastman. The home they built for the family along with the 200 acre's of farmland it was built on bordered the property Rowley had settled back around 1818 and may have been a part of his original estate.

Ann gave birth to their daughter Nancy in 1846. She would be the couples last daughter. Orren died a few months earlier on September 30, 1845. After his death Ann continued living in the log home and the family is shown living there in the 1850 census. Eventually Ann moved to Justus Rich's farm and helped care for his aging wife Alice. Ann married Justus Rich on August 29, 1851, shortly after his first wife's death . Justus died before 1860 and the farm his family established more then sixty years earlier passed into Ann's hands. 

We're sure at the age of 51, Ann made a beautiful June bride as she married married for a fourth and final time, Israel Warner on June 10, 1866. Israel was 39 years old. Ann died July 13, 1896, ciphering from the census enumeration of 1880, she would have been 84 years old at the time of her death. Ciphering from other histories of the family we come up with an age of 87.

Ann Marie (Kearney) Chidren...

        Julia (O'Neil) and James Madison Steward

Julia O'Neil was born June 1837 in New York. Apparently she was the last child born to Cornelius and Ann Marie (Kearney) O'Neil. She probably came into the world after the death of her father and right before her Mother's second marriage to Orren Andrew Eastman.

Julia married James Madison Steward, October 18, 1855, in Jennings County, Indiana. The marriage record of this union is how we discovered her Father was Cornelius O'Neil. James was a House and Sign painter in Cincinnati, Ohio. Julia and James had three children, one of which died in infancy. The other two were DeWitt Clinton and Ella A. James departed our world October 26, 1904. Julia joined her husband in Heaven April 8, 1926

Dewitt Clinton was born in October 1856. He was married and divorced. We're don't know if the couple had any children. He was painter and probably worked for his Dad. He died February 5, 1905 about three months after his Father paid his final visit to the Saints.

Ella Steward was born in October of 1859. She married Samuel F. Cahill. He was an Irish Immigrant who came to the country when he was 9 years old. Samuel worked as a Carpenter in Cincinnati. Sometime before 1900 the couple moved to Chicago, where Samuel worked as a superintendent for Stove and Stove Pipe Repair Business. The couple never had children. Samuel passed away May 22, 1916. Ella followed him to Eternity June 27, 1932

      Martha & Nancy Eastman

Martha Eastman was born in Genesee County, New York around 1938. She was the first child born to Orren Andrew and Ann Marie (Kearney) Eastman. We haven't found any records about her after the 1850 census.

Nancy Eastman was born in 6 mile, Indiana around 1846. This was shortly after her father Orren died. Nancy died October 15, 1854, and is buried near her Mother in Kellar Cemetery, Brewersville, Indiana. 

    Matthew Warren & Sarah (Stearns) Eastman

Matthew Warren was born August 20, 1840. He married Sarah Jane Stearns, November 6, 1859.  Matthew enlisted in September, 1861 in the 33rd Indiana Infantry Co. "I". He was killed at the Battle of Peach Tree Creek, July 20, 1864.

Matthew had only been married to Sarah for 4 1/2 years at the time of his death. Sarah remarried Winfield Richardson, January 3, 1866. She didn't survive to 1870. Careful study of the 1870 and 1880 census shows us two Eastman children who may be orphans of Matthew Warren and Sarah (Stearns) Eastman. Their names were Alta and Joseph M.

Alta Eastman was born in September 1860. After her parents died she was raised by Isaac and Cynthia Stearns. She married Alexander Mills, September 10, 1876. Alexander was 26 and Alta was 16 years old when the couple married. They had three children: Grace, Willard and Warren C.

Joseph M. Eastman was born in 1862. After his parents died, he is shown in the 1870 census living with  William and Mary Stearns. Later in the 1880 census he was enumerated as the ward of Alonzo and Phoebe (Stearns) Wilcox. So far we haven't found any record for Joseph after 1880.

Sarah (Stearns) Eastman/Richardson may have left behind a pair of twins fathered by her second husband, Winfield Richardson. The 1870 census shows two Richardson children age three living in the same household as Winfield. The children born in 1867, are a girl named Emma B. and boy named Worthy L. If these are Winfield and Sarah's children, it may that  Sarah while giving birth.

    Hester Ann (Eastman)

Hester Ann Eastman was born in Attica, New York, February 7, 1842. She met Sarah Stearns' cousin, Philander Stearns in 1858, while he was attending College in Hartsville, Indiana. She was 16 and he was 18 years old. They married the following year, November 26, 1859. The couple had three children: Hattie S, Ann M. and Philander Francis Rosecrans.

In September of 1861 Philander Stearns and Matthew Warren Eastman enlisted in the 33rd Indiana Infantry Co. "I". During the Battle of Thompson's Station, near Franklin Tennessee, Philander and his brother in-law, Matthew were captured along with most of their regiment . They were paroled from Libby Prison two months later and made their way back home where they reenlisted in the 33rd infantry, January of 1864. Philander was killed at the battle of New Hope Church in Georgia on May 25, 1864. Later after the War, Hester married George A. Murdock and the family moved to Cincinnati Ohio.

Hattie S. Stearns was the oldest of Hester and Philanders children. She was born May 23, 1860. She passed into Eternal Bliss, March 8, 1876, after suffering from pneumonia. 

Philander Francis Rosecrans Stearns was born February 10, 1864. Family legend says he had twelve middle names, in respect to the generals of the Union Army.  He passed away four months shy of his 20th birthday, October 17, 1883. His burial certificate from Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati only identifies six initials, "P. F. O. E. R. S. Murdock". The Murdock name likely shows he was adopted by his Mother's second husband, George Murdock. During his lifetime it may have been entertaining to believe he was named after the Union Generals. Certainly the 33rd Indiana Infantry was attached to the Army of the Cumberland which was led by General Rosecrans. The General was for a time one of the more popular Union Generals and well liked by his troops, so it's likely Philander Francis did carry his name as his sisters stated. But the other initials are more likely indications of family names: Philander Francis Orren Eastman Rosecrans Stearns Murdock.

Ann M. Stearns was born April 1, 1862. She married William A. Hastie the son of John Wilton and Jessie (Hall) Hastie. The couple had four children: Frank Ross, Charles, William R. and John.

William A. Hastie was a Music Teacher and Composer in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ann joined the Angels the day after her 41st birthday, April 2, 1903. William joined Ann in Eternal Peace after being struck by an automobile, May 7, 1948.

After the death of her husband, Hester Ann (Eastman) Stearns married George A. Murdock of Cincinnati, Ohio. The couple had at least nine children, six girls, one son and a still born. The first four children were Margaret "Maggy" Isabella, Ella Y. "Nellie",  Mary Emma and Julia Etta. The next five children all died in infancy: George A, Ruth Inez, Martha Elizabeth, Mary Jane, and the still born. 

George Sr. died March 29, 1885, at the age of 52. The cause of death is listed as softening of the brain on his death certificate. After George's death Hester lived for a while with her daughter Ann in Cincinnati and later moved to Chicago to live with her daughter's Julia and Ella. Hester Ann (Eastman) Stearns/Murdock passed through the Pearlie Gates at the age of 88, June 5, 1930.

Margaret "Maggy" Isabella Murdock was born January 12, 1867. She married Clifton Buck, he was a pipe fitter in Chicago. On August 19, 1909, while running  gas lines in the Palmer House, Cliff became one of the spirits that haunt the famous restaurant when he fell from a ladder and cracked his skull open.

It took a long time for Maggy to get over the loss of her husband. Later she married her departed husbands best friend Charles "Chuck" Golding. The couple lived happily together until Chuck's death from heart decease March 7, 1945. On December 19, 1949, Margaret moved on to a Better Place after suffering stroke.

Ella Y. "Nellie" Murdock was born October 12, 1879. She married George Kerl. The couple's four children were George, Margaret Emma, Frank and Annetta. After the death of her husband Nellie and the children lived in Chicago with her sisters Maggy and Etta. Etta's close friend Jeanie Pearson also lived with the family.

By 1920 Nellie's daughter had married Frederick Grossmeyer. For a while Nellie and Fredericks father, Andrew, shared a home with the couple in Canton, Ohio. After the death of her husband George, Nellie moved back to Chicago and took up residence with her mother Hester, sister Etta and her friend Jeanie.

Mary Emma Murdock was born February 23, 1872. She married William Battcher, they had seven children together: Margaret Louise, Clifton Stewart, Hester Elizabeth, Joseph Wolf, Emmett, Francis "Frank" Murdock and Louis William. After her husband William died Mary married Ralph Hubler, a much younger man and the brother of one of Mary's daughter in-laws. The story of Mary and William Battcher's life together can be found in the Battcher Family History.


Edward T. & Amanda (Wheeler) Kearney

(Family Chart)

Edward T. Kearney, born in 1825 was Michael Fenton and Catherine (Curran) Kearney's first child born in the United States. Edward left Attica, New York and moved to Columbia County, Wisconsin some time in the late 1840's where he worked as a Blacksmith. 

On August 16,1849 he married Amanda (Wheeler) the couple had four children: Everett, Helen, Frank Herbert and Arthur W.

Edward joined the Union cause during the Civil War and served as a Lieutenant and Quartermaster for the 47th Wisconsin Infantry, Co. "F". 

By 1880 Edward became a sodbuster in the Dakota Territory, He must've had a pretty good size farm because he and Amanda employed six farmhands plus a house keeper. The Farm was near Jamestown in Studsman, County. By 1891 Edward had been elected to the North Dakota State legislature.

The couple returned to Columbia County, Wisconsin in the late 1890's and resided with their daughter Helen (Kearney) Buchanan. Edward died May 1, 1900 Amanda followed him to eternity in November 2, 1905.

Edward T. & Amanda (Wheeler) Kearney Children...

    Everett Kearney

Ed and Amanda's son Everett married Ada B, we don't know what her maiden name was. The couple lived in Glyndon Village, Clay County, Minnesota, where Everett was a telegraph operator. They had two daughters: Frankie G. and Nonie.

Everett was born in 1850 and must have died before he turned 50, because we found Ada listed as a widow living with her Mother in-law and Everett's sister in 1900. We don't know when Ada died. The last record we found for her is from the 1910 census of Bakersfield, California, where she's operating a rooming house. We haven't been able to find any further records of Everett and Ada's children, according to the 1900 census only one of the two girls was still living.

    Helen (Kearney) Buchanan

Helen Kearney, born in June of 1853 was Edward and Amanda Kearney's only daughter. On December 4, 1873 Helen married John Buchanan, a 25 year old Scottish immigrant who came to the country as young boy, with his parents Daniel and Mary in 1849. John owned a Grocery Store in Rio, Wisconsin and must have been a pretty good guy because he took in his in-laws during their times of need.

The couple had two sons: Hubert Daniel and Arthur and one daughter named Iva. Helen and John lived in Rio, Wisconsin at least up until 1910. By 1920 they settled in Seattle, Washington, living with their son Hubert. Helen must have died before 1930 because the census of that year shows John to be a widower living in Seattle with his daughter Iva.

John and Helen's daughter Iva was born in May 20, 1882. She became a nurse and never married. We found a record of death for Iva G. Buchanan in Everett, Washington dated  August 21, 1981. Iva is unique name, but we can't verify this is her, if it is she would have lived 99 years, 4 months.

Hubert Daniel was born October 16, 1875. He became a Lawyer and married Esther McCanley. The couple settled in Seattle and had one daughter named Jane. Hubert died December 4, 1944 at the age of 69.

Arthur was born February 27, 1888. He also ended up in Washington State, stopping along the way in Buchanan, Stutsman County, North Dakota where he was a grain buyer and possibly married his first wife Marjorie J, who was born in North Dakota. By 1920 the couple settled in Farqara, Washington  where their children Helen J. and Hugh J. were born and they owned a chicken farm. Something must have happened to Marjorie because by 1930 Arthur is married to a women named Jean who was born in Missouri. The couple retired in Port Angles a city along the coast of the Straight of Juan de Fuca in Northwestern Washington State. Arthur died March 24, 1968 at the age of 80. Jean died February 7, 1982 at the age of 84.

    Arthur W. & Frank Herbert Kearney

Arthur W. Kearney was born in 1862. His brother Frank was born in December of 1855. The brothers moved to Marquette County on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan before 1880. Frank opened a Feed Store and Arthur probably worked as a clerk for his older brother. At the age of 18 the 1880 census is the last record we have for Arthur. He and Frank are living in the same Hotel in Republic, Michigan. The census record states Arthur is suffering from Inflammatory Rheumatism, a very  painful and debilitating affliction. The climate of the Upper Peninsula wouldn't have been very kind to Arthur and it isn't likely he would've survived to see his 25th birthday.

Frank Herbert married Rose T. about 1883 and moved his Feed Store to Ironwood, Michigan on the Upper Peninsula along the Wisconsin Border. The couple had one son, born in June 1898. They named him after Franks brother, Everett. Frank died before 1930. To our knowledge Everett never married, continued to operate his Father's business and take care of his mother in Ironwood.

John Michael & Margaret (Gilson) Kearney

(Family Chart)

If you want an example of good living you couldn't find better  than the life of Michael Fenton and Catherine (Curran) Kearney's youngest son. John Michael Kearney's courage, integrity, child rearing and philanthropy, leaves us a life any mother would be proud to have her son emulate.

John was born in Attica, New York June 17, 1827. By 1850, John appears to be living in Jackson, Michigan. In 1851, he married the widow Margaret (Gilson) Gilshenan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. By 1860 John was a Master Blacksmith operating his own shop in Livingston County, Michigan with a journeymen, one apprentice and a Wagon Maker. While John held many other occupations throughout his life, Blacksmith is the one listed on the three census enumerations we found for him: 1860 through 1880. John was also a Justice of the Peace, Town Marshall and Deputy Sheriff.

Margaret had one daughter named Margaret T. Gilshenan from her first marriage to the late John Gilshenan. John Michael and Margaret had five children together. They were Catherine Serina, Robert Emmett, Mary Ellen, Gertrude B. and Edward Thomas. Gertrude died in infancy. The other children lived to adulthood, married, and had children of their own.

John enlisted as a corporal in the 26th Michigan Infantry, Co. "B", August 7, 1862 for three years of service. In July 1863 his unit was called to New York to help put down riots that broke out in response to the Federal Conscription Act. John was a member of the his Company's Color Guard, one of the most valued and vulnerable targets on the field of battle and he bore the scars to prove it. He was wounded  in northern Virginia in May, 1864 as the Army of the Potomac maneuvered from the Wilderness battlefield to its next big battle at Spotsylvania. Company "B" was involved in the fighting at Spotsylvania (although it seems unlikely that John had returned to service yet from his recent wound). They were at Cold Harbor and participated in the siege on Petersburg from June 16, 1864 until the City's fall, April 2, 1865. This was the last stand of Lee's Army. John was present and promoted to Sergeant at Appomattox Court House, while paroling the Army of Northern Virginia. He participated in the Grand Review in Washington D.C. May 23, 1865 and was mustered out of Service June 4, 1865.

After the war John returned home to his wife and five children and resumed Blacksmithing. Among other interests he was a member of the Catholic Total Abstinence Society and the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR: Union Veteran's Fraternal Organization)  

On September 3, 1891, John Michael Kearney was leaving Ann Arbor, Michigan, after visiting there while "canvassing for the life of John Boyle Reilly". Mr. Kearney was attempting to board a departing train when he slipped, fell beneath a rail car and was killed. The tragic accident was described in full graphic detail in the Pinckney Dispatch September 23, 1891. 

"Canvassing for the life of John Boyle O'Reilly" as quoted from John Michael Kearney's obituary could refer to the book "The Life of John Boyle O'Reilly" by: James Jeffrey Roche, which was published the same year John Michael died.

John Michael's wife, Margaret continued to live in Livingston County after the death of her husband. Eventually she moved in with her oldest daughter, Margaret (Gilshenan) Melvin, in South Dakota. John Michael and Margaret (Gilson) Kearney were reunited for eternity in 1915, when Margaret was laid down to rest beside her husband in Livingston County, Michigan.

John Michael and Margaret (Gilson) Kearney's children...

    Margaret (Gilshenan) Melvin

Margaret Gilshenan was born in April of 1849 in Ann Arbor Michigan to Margaret (Gilson) and her first husband John Gilshenan. She married Fred Melvin about 1869 and the couples only son was born in October of 1869. Fred was a Wagon Maker in Howell, Michigan where they lived until sometime in the 1890's. They moved to Union County, South Dakota and Fred worked as a Loan Collector for the Bank his son William worked at. After a while Fred returned to his natural talents and became a Blacksmith. Fred died March 31, 1911,  Margaret joined her husband in the Forever More, August 29, 1928.

    Catherine "Katie" Serina (Kearney) Brown

Katie was born December 11, 1851. She married Edward C. Brown April 24, 1869. Edward was a Farmer when the couple first married. They moved to O'Brein County, Iowa, took up a homestead and raised a family. The couple had seven children: Emma Matilda, Earl W, Robert E, Edward C Jr, Charles E, Earnest A. and Willard A.

Edward gave up farming in 1876 and established the Sheldon State Bank in Sheldon, Iowa. The Bank failed in 1903, Edward was indicted and later acquitted of any wrong doing. Edward and Katie  moved to Thermopolis, Wyoming where Edward started an Insurance business.

Edward and Katie's sons graduated from the University of Notre Dame and were major players in the University's early Baseball and Football programs in the 1890's. After graduation they formed the Brown Bothers Lumber Company with stores in Montana and Washington.

Edward returned to his maker January 12, 1911. Katie lived out her life in Helena, Montana and joined her husband with the Saints, January 18, 1930.

    Robert Emmett Kearney

Robert Emmett Kearney was born August 11, in Pinckney, Michigan. On October 31, 1877, he married Anna Elizabeth Conklin. The couple moved around a lot so it's difficult to track the family. They had 12 children: Lee "Leo" Clement and, Eugene "Gene" Francis were born in Michigan. Catherine "Kate" Serena, Hubert "Jerry" Gregory, Mary "Ella" Eleanor, Robert "Bob" Emmett, Jr, Alice Mildred, Edward "Ned" Clarence, Agnes "Adge" Laura, Charles "Chuck" Vincent, Louis "Lou" Everett, and Willard "Wid" John were all born in Iowa. 

Emmett moved his family to O'Brien County, Iowa in 1881. In the 1900 census he is shown to be a Jeweler in Sheldon. In 1906, the family moved to Elkton, South Dakota. In the 1910 census, Bob and Anna and their two sons Emmett, Jr. and Ned are shown as living on the family farm outside of town, while the other children, Ella, Alice, Adge, Chuck, Lou and Wid lived in town. 

Emmett appears to have retired by 1920 when he, Anna, and four of their children (Alice, Chuck, Lou and Wid) are found enumerated in the census living in Boulder, Colorado. At the time, Emmett is 66 years old and there's no occupation shown for him or his children. The 1930 census shows Anna living in Los Angeles, California as a widow with her two single sons, Chuck and Lou. 

Robert Emmett Kearney, Sr. crossed the final threshold January 13, 1923 in Boulder, Colorado. Anna followed him through the Doorway March 28, 1936 from Los Angeles, California.

Lee "Leo" Clement Kearney was born October 11, 1878. He was working as a cashier at his Uncle Edward's Bank in Jackson, Nebraska when he met Mary Loretto "Lola" Emily Riley. The two were married in 1907 and had four children. Before 1920 the family moved to Sioux City, Iowa where Lee was an Assistant Treasurer for a Grain Elevator. The move to Sioux City occurred about the same time as Uncle Edward moved his family there. By 1930, Lee's family is found in Los Angeles, California. Lee is working in the clerical department at a Music Company. Loretto passed away October 6, 1954. Lee joined her in the Ever After, August 31, 1960.

Eugene "Gene" Francis Kearney was born December 3, 1880. He married Marguerite "Margaret" Ann Kelley in 1911. On the 1900 census Eugene appears to be a Jewelry salesmen in Sheldon, Iowa, likely working for his Father. Gene and Margaret had four children. At the beginning of their marriage Eugene managed a Lumber Yard in Plevna, Montana. By 1930 Eugene moved his family and was managing a Lumber Yard in Murdock, Minnesota.

Catherine "Kate" Serena Kearney was born on December 9, 1882. She married Henry John Bingenheimer on October 17, 1906. The couple had three children. For a while Henry worked for an Oil Company as an Operator. Between 1906 and 1920 the family lived in Nebraska, Wyoming and Denver, Colorado. By 1930 they settled in Beverly Hills, California, where Henry opened a Real Estate Agency. Kate died in 1963. Henry followed her into the Here After in 1965.

Hubert "Jerry" Gregory Kearney was born on December 16, 1884. He married Mabel E. Ray June 18, 1908. The couple raised three children. Hubert was a Dispatcher for the Rail Road. The family lived in Murdo and then moved on to Mitchell, South Dakota.

Mary "Ella" Eleanor Kearney was born on December 31, 1886. She married Edward "Ed" George Hoch on June 15, 1910. The couple raised seven children. Ed was a Dry Goods Merchant in Elkton, South Dakota when the couple first married. In about 1921, the family moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where Edward worked as a Commercial Furniture Salesmen.

Robert "Bob" Emmett Kearney II was born on February 8, 1889. He moved with his family from Sheldon, Iowa to Elkton, South Dakota in 1906. Sometime later, he moved to eastern Montana to homestead and teach. When World War I came along, Bob was drafted into the military and served in Europe. Upon returning to Montana, he married a fellow teacher, Gertrude Rachel Nichols. In 1920 the couple lived in Lake Norden, South Dakota where Robert managed a Grain Elevator and Gertrude worked as a Public School Teacher. Emmett then took a job with the U.S. Weather Bureau as a Meteorologist. The Bureau kept the family on the move throughout his career. Bob and Gertrude had ten children, with their births scattered from Wisconsin to South Dakota to Nebraska to Kansas to North Dakota. Gertrude died after a short illness on January 7, 1944. Bob then retired from the Weather Bureau at Devils Lake, North Dakota August 31, 1944. He died on July 4, 1959.

Alice Mildred Kearney was born December 16, 1892. She married Robert Clifton Roberts, an agent for a Rail Road which kept the family moving around. The couple raised at least five children born in various parts of the country. 

Alice and Robert lived out their years in Cleveland, Ohio. Robert passed away at the age of 83 November 22, 1976. Alice joined her husband with the Saints August 24, 1981 four months shy of her 90th birthday.

Edward "Ned" Clarence Kearney was born July 3, 1894 in Sheldon, Iowa. He married Margaret B. Brown. The couple had at least two children. Ned worked as a Production Manager in Los Angeles, California. He passed on, on August 11, 1960. Margaret followed him to Heaven 27 years later August 2, 1987.

Agnes "Adge" Laura Kearney was born in August 1896. She married Fred Ambrose around 1922 and the couple had at least one son named John. The family settled in Laramie, Wyoming, where Fred worked as the Maintenance Supervisor for the University Wyoming.

Charles "Chuck" Vincent Kearney was born September 24, 1899, He was a Graduate of Creighton University in Nebraska where he studied Law. Charles was a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles, California before he enlisted in the Army September 16, 1942. As far as we know he never married and made his final journey June 8, 1957.

Louis "Lou" Everett Kearney was born August 24, 1901. He was a practicing attorney in Los Angeles, California. Louis married Harriet Mitchell on April 19, 1930. The couple had no children. Louis joined his Maker December 23, 1985. Harriett accompanied him in Paradise October 12, 1998

    Mary Ellen (Kearney) McKeever

Mary "Ella" Ellen Kearney was born on November 11, 1855. She married Hugh F. McKeever on June 25, 1876. The couple moved to Phillipsburg, New Jersey where Hugh was an agent for the Rail Road and Mary Ellen gave birth to their first two children, Francis "Frank" Hugh, in 1877 and Raymond in 1880. The family then moved to Reading, Iowa where Hugh was a Bank Cashier. Mary Ellen gave birth to six more children in Reading: Gertrude , Mary Ellen, Clara Margaret, Rose Irene, Robert Emmet and John Eugene. Hugh went into Dairy Farming in Hawarden, Iowa and in 1910 moved the family to another farm in Townsend, Montana. Hugh died on February 10, 1916. Ella passed away on August 23, 1950. 

Francis “Frank” Hugh McKeever was born on May 29, 1877. He married Grace Gallagher November 26, 1913. Francis became a Lawyer in Chicago. The couple had at least three children.

Robert “Bob” Emmett was born March 21, 1895. He studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Illinois in Urbana before WWI and after the war opened a Garage in Rosebud, Montana . He married Eleanor Borer on October 13, 1925 and the couple had at least two daughters. Eleanor passed on July 1, 1971. Robert followed her to Eternity June 14, 1986.

John “Gene” Eugene had a farm in Rosebud, Montana, his first wife was Hazel Groombridge and they had at least three children. Hazel died on January 31, 1958.  Gene then married Mabel Gripke Coughenour on September 26, 1959. Mabel died on September 7, 1971 and John reached his Final Destination, December 4, 1984.

    Edward Thomas Kearney

Edward “Bung” Thomas was the youngest of John Michael and Margaret (Gilson) Kearney's children. He was born on March 23, 1861. Bung married Clara M. Miner on June 8, 1887. The couple had four children: Helen Margaret, Gertrude Miner, Editha Marie, and William.

Edward was a pioneer in the Western Banking industry and helped establish banks in Jackson, Nebraska and Sioux City, Iowa. Bung passed away on April 20, 1937.

Catherine Serina (Kearney) Landon/Flannigan

Catherine Serina Kearney was born in Attica New York around 1833. She married John Lindon and the couple lived Erie, Pennsylvania. John died in 1853 and Serina married Michael E. Flannigan, who passed on in 1893. We don't know when Serina met her maker, but she's mentioned as still living in her brother John Michael's obituary of September 1891.

continued in the Eastman Family History



Much of the information from this history comes from Uncle Will Hastie's interview of Hester Ann (Eastman) Stearns/Murdock transcribed in the Charles Hastie Letter and internment certificates from the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati Ohio. Also notes from Margaret Battcher and Hester (Battcher) Coyne and correspondence from other Kearney Descendents.

Like most Genealogy studies the history leaves more questions then it answers and so it evolves as research continues.

Further research should be done to discover why Edward Kearney left Ireland years before his wife and daughter. 

As we have stated the research continues and you are encouraged to add your facts, speculations or questions. Sources available upon request.

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