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Hastie Family History

By: Matthew B. Rogers

Updated 10/11/2007


    Hastie Family Internment Tables

We've put together this analysis from burial records found at the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio and census records from the years 1860 through 1930.

The oldest ancestor we've found in the family is Janet (Wilson) Hastie. According to her burial Certificate, she was born in Dalkieth, Scotland around 1797. Her parents were John and Jennie Wilson and her husband was Nicholas Hastie. Janet passed away June 20, 1855 and was laid to rest in Spring Grove Cemetery. She's the oldest person found resting in the family plot owned by John Wilton Hastie.

The only information we have about Nicholas Hastie is found on the Burial Certificate of Janet (Wilson) Hastie. "Nicholas" is noted as Janet's Husband.

    John Wilton & Jessie (Hall) Hastie, Family Charts

John Wilton Hastie was born in Scotland in 1826. His Burial Certificate does not provide the names of his parents. It could be assumed Janet and Nicholas were his parents, because of the location of Janet's final resting place. However it's possible Janet was another relation such as Aunt.

John Wilton Hastie married Jessie Hall. According to her Burial Certificate she was born in Scotland, September 1828, the daughter of James and Janet Hall. Resting in the same family plot is Mary (Hall) Donaldson, born Scotland, 1841. Her Burial Certificate states her parents were James and Jessie Hall. We can't determine the relationship between Jessie (Hall) Hastie and Mary (Hall) Donaldson. They may have been sisters or stepsisters. It's doesn't seem likely they were mother and daughter, unless Jessie bore a child at the age of twelve.

According to the 1900 census Jessie had eight children 6 of which were still living. John Wilton & Jessie (Hall) Hastie's eight children were James N, Jessie, Flora, John, Anna Mary who died in infancy,  Margaret C, William A. and Mary.

John Wilton worked as Baker according to the 1860 census. In the 1870 census John appears to be doing fairly well as a Wholesale Grocer. The family is living in home valued at $17,500 and John's personal estate is valued at $1,500.

In the 1880 census the Hastie home in Cincinnati consists of the mother Jessie and four children, Flora, Margaret C, William A. and Mary. 

John Wilton Hastie died November 18, 1888 in Nashville, Tennessee. We aren't sure how he died or what he was up to in the previous years. In the 1880 census we did find a John W. Hastie working as a Baker in Green Castle, Indiana. However he's shown to be 45 years old and born in Germany. If this is the same John Hastie we have know knowledge of why there is a nine year discrepancy in age and his origin is identified as Germany and not Scotland.

Jessie (Hall) Hastie suffered a cerebral Hemorrhage and passed on June 26, 1912. In the years previous to her passing she moved between the homes of her daughters Mary and Flora.

Children of John Wilton and Jessie (Hall) Hastie...

The oldest son James may have been hospitalized as early as 1880. We know James was an inmate at Longview Hospital for the Insane at least from 1900 until he died May 27, 1939. His occupation in the 1900 census is shown to be Book Keeper. We don't know whether he was formally trained as an accountant or if this was some sort of occupational therapy provided by the institution.

We believe Jessie married a gentleman by the name of Nathaniel Walker. There's a burial certificate  for a son named Arthur Foster Walker who died at seven weeks of age after a premature birth August 25, 1890. He's buried in the family plot owned by John Wilton Hastie and noted as being John's grandson. The parents of the child are noted as "Nathaniel and Jessie". Arthur's place of birth is shown as Michigan and his last residence was Price Hill. We couldn't find a Price Hill in Michigan but there is a town by that name in Hamilton County, Ohio.

Flora Hastie married Charles Henry Robinson. The couple had one daughter named Jean Hastie Robinson. Charles was a Public School Teacher. Charles Robinson passed through the Pearlie Gates November 29, 1933. Flora followed her husband March 16, 1935.

Jean Hastie Robinson never married. Before Reuniting with her parents September 16, 1963, she resided at the Cincinnati Home for Incurables.

We haven't discovered what happened to John after the 1870 census when he's enumerated at the age of ten. It appears he Left our World before 1900. 

As we noted earlier Anna Mary passed away in infancy at the age of one year January 5, 1864.

Margaret C. Hastie never married she lived most of her adult life with her sister Mary's family and entered the Kingdom February 9, 1958.

Mary Hastie married Thomas Steele Jordan. He was a Druggist in Cincinnati. They had one daughter named Margaret. 

Thomas Jordan traveled to the Ever After, April 15, 1927. After Thomas's passing Mary married Dr. James S. Caldwell. She followed her first husband to Eternity October 26, 1934. Dr. Caldwell joined them June 13, 1939.

Margaret Jordan married George Snider the son of Edward and Ida (Klem) Snider. The couple had at least one daughter named Nancy Hall Snider she died at nine days old, June 30, 1927. George Ascended to the next Life on Christmas day 1965. Margaret was Reunited with her husband March 21, 1991 from Westminster, California.

William A. Hastie married Anna Stearns around 1885. Anna was the daughter of Philander and Hester Ann (Eastman) Stearns. When Anna was about two years old, her father died at the Battle of Good Hope Church during the Civil War. Anna's mother married her second husband George Murdock when Anna was about four. The family moved from Jennings County, Indiana to Cincinnati, Ohio about this time.

William was Music Teacher and Composer of Anthems. One of his more notable arrangements "Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken" words by: John Newton "1779" music by: William A. Hastie, was dedicated "To Mother. In Memoriam" in 1935. Williams Mother Jessie (Hall) died in 1912. His Mother In-law Hester (Eastman) passed away in 1930. 

William and Anna Hastie had had six children. They were Frank Ross, William R, Anna, Warren E, Charles Jordan and John.

Anna (Stearns) Hastie joined the Saints March 30, 1903. In the 1910 census William and his six children lived at 1621 Waverly Avenue in Cincinnati. This is the same home the family lived in ten years earlier. The difference is, Emma J. Doyle has entered the home since Anna's passing. Emma is shown to be the head of household and  William A. Hastie is identified as her son in-law. Williams children are all enumerated as Emma's grandchildren. It's more likely Emma Doyle is of no relation to the Hastie family but informally considered an Aunt because of a relation by marriage to Anna (Stearns) Hastie's aunt, Julia (O'Neil) Steward. 

William A. Hastie probably married his second wife Margaret A. Williams  late in life. We've tracked William through the 1930 census when he was sixty five years old and there isn't any mention of Margaret. She's noted as Williams second wife on his Burial Certificate and again on Margaret's 

On May 7, 1948 William was struck by an automobile and reunited with his first wife Anna. Margaret followed William three years later December 28, 1951.

    William A. & Anna (Stearns) Hastie, Family Charts

Children of William A. & Anna (Stearns) Hastie

Frank Ross Hastie worked as a Railroad Clerk. It appears he married Stella (Wertz) in 1910 as Frank is enumerated twice in this year's census; once in his Father's home and again in a home of his own. The couple had two children. The oldest son Ross was born February 8, 1911. The couple's Daughter Jean was born in February 1918. 

Frank suffered a cerebral Hemorrhage February 16, 1932 and entered the Ever After at the age of 47. Stella joined her husband in Eternity at the age of 95 September 21, 1983.

Frank and Stella's son Ross married Betty Davis, the daughter of Alex and Mary Davis. Ross and Betty had two children. Andrew died at the young age of 51, June 28, 1998. Their other son Robin also passed away prematurely at the age of 52 July 3, 2004.

Ross returned to his Creator, March 23, 1966. Betty (Davis) remarried Henry Anderson before Rising Up to join the ones she cherished, August 16, 1999.

William R. Hastie married Viola (Burger). She was the daughter of Mathias and Amelia (Morath) Burger. William entered a Higher Realm from  Longview State Hospital  December 14, 1967. Viola was Reunited with her beloved September 6, 1974. 

Warren E. Hastie married Edna M. Ruppert. She was the daughter of Frank and Edna (Schwartz) Ruppert. The couple had one son named William Frank. On April 5, 1943 at the age age of 20, William passed away after coming down with "pneumonia" at Sioux Falls Air Force Base, South Dakota.

At the age of 58 Warren left our world for a Better Place, September 28, 1952 after apparently suffering from cancer. Edna took her Final Leave, April 23, 1972.

Charles Jordan Hastie married Zetta Johnson. She was the Daughter of Thomas W. and Nancy (Moore) Johnson. Charles passed into the Here After, September 4,1968. Zetta joined her beloved in Eternity, February 18, 1996.

John Hastie married Eileen Bicke. John and Eileen lived in Carlsbad California. John took his Final Journey, January 10, 1990 and Eileen followed close behind June 2, 1990. John was 90 years old and Eileen was 89.

We have no information about Anna Hastie after the 1910 census.



We don't have a lot of information on the Hastie family. Over the years the families have lost touch. William A. Hastie passed away in 1948 after being struck by a car and with his passing it seems a lot of family history was lost. We'd like to reconnect with the Hastie's and learn more about the family.

We've put together this analysis from burial records found at the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio and census records from the years 1860 through 1930.

A letter has been provided to us sent between siblings in the Hall family from Galashiels, Scotland to the United States February 6, 1855. The letter along with the dates of the other documents we've found for the family, leads us to believe the Hastie family immigrated to the United States from Scotland between 1850 and 1855. Another lead to family origins is found on the Burial certificate of Janet (Wilson) Hastie which notes she was born in Dalkieth, Scotland around 1797.


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