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Coyne Family History

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Most of what we know about the early history of the Coyne family in America is supposition. We believe Coleman and Catherine "Leonard" Coyne immigrated from County Cork Ireland, through Canada to Minnesota. 

The first record of the family is found in the 1870 census of the 20th Ward in Chicago Illinois. Coleman is 24 years old and Catherine is 20, they have two children Michael age 3 and Delia age 1. The record states the couple was born in Ireland, the children were born in Minnesota and Coleman is working as a Day Laborer. 

The family is living in a household with five other people; all adults over the age of 18 and all born in Ireland. Among them is a gardener named Peter Leonard, at age 40 he is the oldest member of the household. Also living in the home are two couples Matthias and Julia Higgins and Robert and Maria James.

The 1870 census does not identify the relationship of the people living in the household, but it does insinuate this is a single family unit. 

Coleman is enumerated in the 1880 census with a wife named Margaret and four additional Children. Michael and Delia are still living at home along with Joseph age 9, James age 5, Mary age 4 and Sarah age 1. Another daughter named Margaret would be born six months later in November of 1880, Bringing the total number of Coleman's children to seven.

Coleman Coyne passed away from tuberculosis, January 6, 1907. So far we haven't found any further records about his second wife Margaret after the 1900 census. 

Because Joseph was born just one year after the 1870 census we assume he was the last child born to Catherine and Coleman. The four year gap between Joseph and James, infers James was the first child born to Coleman's second marriage with Margaret.

Joseph was born the same year as the Great Chicago fire which occurred in early October of 1871. Whether Coleman's first wife Catherine lost her life during the fire, died in childbirth or was lost for some other reason is not clear.

Joseph Died at the young age of 21, July 19, 1892 so we don't have much information about him.

James Coyne became a book binder in Chicago. He married a woman by the name of Mata and the couple had one son named James Jr.

Delia Coyne married the son of Daniel and Anna  O'Leary; Daniel "James" O'Leary February 22,1887. The couple had four children; Edward, Katherine, Marie Edith and finally Daniel Francis.

We lose track of Delia after the birth of Daniel Francis, January 11,1896.  The 1910 census shows James and his oldest son Edward are living with James' parents Daniel and Anna O'Leary and his sister Maggy and Michael Coyne's family. So it's likely Delia died sometime in the previous 14 years.

Michael Coyne became a teamster and worked for a Creamery in Chicago. On March 3, 1894 at the age of 27 he married James O'Leary's sister Margaret "Maggy" Frances. They had four children, Anna May, Katherine Helen, Arnold James and Edward Michael.

On October 3, 1912, Michael Coyne died at the young age of 44, just five months after his father in-law. He left behind his wife Maggy four children and a widowed mother in-law. His oldest son Arnold, being just thirteen years old was forced to give up his education and go to work to support the family. 

Arnold entered the workforce as a part time office boy with American Steel Foundry and by the time he turned 14,  was working fulltime. At the age of twenty he took a job in the billing department at Morton Salt. Six years later he was made department manager. From there Arnold was promoted to  Assistant Office Manager, eventually becoming the Office Manager. In 1942 he became the first General Office Manager in the history of the company, with eight offices operating under him. Before retiring in 1963 Arnold was overseeing the operations of forty Morton Salt offices.

On May 22,1922, Arnold eloped with Hester the daughter of William and Mary Battcher. Arnold and Hester had two daughters, Margaretmae Hester and Patricia Cherie.

Arnold died in Boca Raton, Florida, March 15, 1975, at the age of 76. His wife Hester passed away May 11, 1995. 

Anna Mae Coyne married Elmer Aird, they had one daughter named Barbara. Katherine Helen Coyne married Gerald Dillon. They had four children, Geraldine, Edward "Bud", Robert "Bobby" and John "Jacky".

Edward Michael Coyne joined the army, fought in WWI and received the Purple Heart for heroism in the Argon Forrest. He married Marie (Bernard) and together they had three children, Michael,  Helen and Dorothyann. Michael died as an infant. Helen married A. James Rush with whom she had two daughters Margie and Diane. Dorothyann married Ray LeBeau, they had two children, Michael and Nancy. Edward died January 1, 1997, 26 days shy of his 96th birthday. Quite a remarkable run for a man who suffered the effects of mustard gas during the first World War.



The information from this history comes from Death Certificates, Bible and census records, and the memories of Peggy (Coyne) Rogers 

Like most Genealogy studies the history leaves more questions then it answers and so it evolves as research continues.

Much of the difficulty in researching the Coyne family is due to the early deaths of Delia and Michael, the brief stay of the family in Minnesota between census, during it's transition from territory to statehood, and the arrival of the family in Chicago just a year before the Great Fire. 

There are a lot of birth and death dates missing for this family and more should be done to learn about the Coyne's in Minnesota.

We also need do do more research on the lives of the three daughters Mary, Sarah and Margaret, who born to Coleman and his second wife.

As the research continues, you are encouraged to add your facts, speculations or questions e-mail coleman@colemancoyne.com

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