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O'Leary Family History

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Daniel O'Leary Jr. was born to  Daniel and Margaret (Hickey) O'Leary in Ireland on October 31, 1835. He was about twelve years old when the family migrated to the United States, around 1842. Anna O'Riley was born to James and Mary (Reardon) O'Riley on May 15, 1830. Her family migrated from Ireland to the United States too. 

Around 1856 the O'Leary's settled in Chicago,  Daniel Jr. was 21 years old by then. We believe this is where he met and married Anna O'Riley. Anna and Daniel had three Children,  Daniel James who went by the name James, Margaret "Maggy" and Mamie.

Mamie became a stage actress and was known as Mamie Sheridan Wolford. It's believed she was given her middle name because of a family relation to General, Phillip Sheridan, who may have been a first or second cousin. 

Mamie was first married to Arnold Wolford who owned the Wolford Stock Company. This was a traveling theatrical group in which Mamie was the star attraction. Some of the plays the company produced were "A Wife's Honor", "Dora Thorne", "We'uns From Tennessee" and "A Gay Bachelor". They were the first theatrical company to perform at the Phelps' Opera House in Dodge City, Kansas, on October 14, 1907. Mamie and Arnold had two children Louis Cambridge and Caroline Anna. Mamie later married the Playwright Edmond Paul.

James O'Leary became an actor/circus clown. He married Delia Coyne, February 22, 1887. The couple had four children, Edward, Katherine, Marie Edith and Daniel Francis. We lose track of Delia after the birth of Daniel Francis January 11,1896. James died in October of 1918.

Delia's  brother was Michael Edward Coyne, he married James' sister Maggie March 3, 1894. They had four children, Anna May, Katherine Helen, Arnold James and Edward Michael. 

Daniel O'Leary Jr. was 72 years old in 1907, when he fell ill. He died 5 years later May 9, 1912. During his illness, Daniel and Anna were living with their daughter Maggy and Michael Coyne and their four children along with their son James and his oldest son Edward. Michael Edward Coyne died five months after his father in-law, at the age of 44,  October 3, 1912.

The two widows; Anna O'Leary and her daughter Maggie Coyne lived together with Maggie's four children. Anna lost her vision and the grandchildren would read the newspapers to her. On March 8, 1919 Anna contracted bronchial pneumonia and passed away 9 days later on the 17th, just six months after the death of her son James.

continued in the Coyne Family History



The information from this history comes from Death Certificates, Bible and census records and the memories of Peggy (Coyne) Rogers.

Like most Genealogy studies the history leaves more questions then it answers and so it evolves as research continues.

We'd like to find out where the O'Leary and O'Riley families originated from in Ireland and possibly when and where Daniel and Anna were married.

According to the 1910 census records Daniel and Anna are living in the same household with their daughter Maggy and her husband Michael Coyne along with their four children. Also residing in the home are James O'Leary with his oldest son Edward. We don't know what happened to the rest of James' family.

More research should be done to understand Mamie's marriages and the date of her birth and death.

James O'Leary was a circus clown, it would be nice to discover what circus he performed with and find a picture of him in makeup. 

You are encouraged to add your facts, speculations or questions e-mail coleman@colemancoyne.com

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